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New & Improved Crossroads - CCCSIG's Health & Safety Services Newsletter for Member District Employees


In August 2018, CCCSIG requested assistance from Crossroads readers with a Crossroads Feedback Survey and they came through!! They provided us with important feedback, which we used to restructure the Crossroads newsletter. One important change is that Crossroads will now be sent quarterly, rather than monthly. Based on the comments in the survey, readers loved the healthy recipes and quick tips related to health, safety and wellness. They also asked for articles that are more relevant to the districts and their everyday work life and that it be more interactive.

We heard them! The new Crossroads will include the following features in each issue:

• Spotlight – focusing on current Healthy Lifestyle Programs or other relevant Health & Safety Programs for member district employees

• Success in Our Schools – a health & safety success story coming directly from one of our member districts!

• Health & Safety Services You Can Use – sharing a service that is timely and relevant that can directly assist district employees

• School Safety – a relevant article related to working safely within the district

• Healthy Recipe – a healthy recipe that fits perfectly with the season

• Facts about Worker’s Compensation – quick tips directly from CCCSIG’s claims department

• Communication Corner – quick tips for more effective communication, which can directly impact the stress level within your day

• CCCSIG Contest – an interactive contest for a $25 gift card!

If you would like to be added to the distribution list to receive Crossroads, please email your request to Heidi Flanagan at

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