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New IPM Training Course Available (Integrated Germ Management)


DPR-105: Integrated Germ Management Course is here! This approximately 40-minute course provides guidance on how to reduce risk when using antimicrobial pesticides in school and child care settings. It is excellent for those who do not participate in traditional pest management at school sites, but frequently use disinfectants and sanitizers as a part of their work, such as child care providers teachers, custodians, school nurses, food service workers, and others. Currently, this course is only available in English. Spanish translation will be available soon!

The online course can be found here on the Department of Pesticide Regulationís website.

If you have specific questions about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) courses, please contact:

Lisa Estridge Department of Pesticide Regulation

Office: (916) 445-2489


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