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CCCSIG Health & Safety Services Introduces a New On Demand Video Program


In Fall of 2017, CCCSIG began using a new, more secure Learning Management system with greater functionality for delivering, tracking and reporting CCCSIG On-Demand Video Trainings. New videos will continue to be added in 2017/18 and the program's features include:

*District designated contacts can log in anytime to view and run employee progress reports

*Ability to track how long an employee viewed a video (entire video must be viewed to receive credit)

*Ability to skip ahead in the video can be turned on or off

*Bookmarking is included in all videos (this allows you to exit the video and resume viewing later on)

*Each video training can include a short quiz

*District-specific, written programs/plans can be included in the courses

*CCCSIG can easily modify/edit existing video trainings

*Ability to upload video trainings your district has created or released for use by a third party vendor

Please contact Denise Schreiner at or 1 (866) 922-2744 ext. 270 for additional information.

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