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Health Screenings

The main objectives of a health screening are to:

  • Identify those employees 'at risk' for lifestyle-related diseases as determined by screenings that fall outside of normal limits
  • Provide 'at-risk' employees with referrals to their primary care physician for follow up care and evaluation.
  • Provide low risk employees with positive reinforcement
  • To track progress made during a multi-week health and wellness program, comparing pre and post screening results

CCCSIG offers the following onsite health screenings:

  • Blood pressure (using automatic machines)
  • Body composition (using BIA method)
  • Weight and waist circumference
  • Grip strength (using a hand dynamometer)
  • Hamstring flexibility (using Sit and Reach Box)

We also assist in coordinating other fee-based screenings, such as, cholesterol, glucose and bone density with outside vendors.

To schedule or inquire about a health screening for your staff, please call 1-866-922-2744 ext. 270 or click here to send an email.