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About CCCSIG Workers' Compensation Health & Safety Strength Testing (PEP) Health Benefits Program

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

CCCSIG offers its member districts 2-3 Healthy Lifestyle Programs per school year for the purpose of motivating employees to increase and/or maintain their current level of fitness, eat healthier and/or improve other health and safety behaviors.

  • Online and poster based
  • Offered in the fall, winter and/or spring
  • 4-12 weeks
  • Nutrition and/or fitness emphasis
  • Fun, team-building, easy-to-implement
  • Minimum of 10 participants per site (poster)
  • Customizable to any occupational group/schedule


Just Go! Exercise Challenge

The Just Go! Exercise Challenge, is an 8-week online and poster-based program designed to assist member district employees in maintaining/increasing their physical activity at work and/or home. All forms of exercise count.

Member district employees who obtain and log at least 24 hours of exercise by the end of the program will be entered into a countywide drawing to win a $100 gift card to REI. The district with the highest average number of hours completed will win the CCCSIG Perpetual Fitness Challenge trophy to display in their district office until/if there is a new district winner for the spring 2018 program.

Note: If you have signed up for a CCCSIG challenge in the past two years, you may log in at and participate using the same username and password.

This program is part of an ongoing, online wellness program that allows employees to continue tracking healthy activity between challenges and year-round;  receive health tips, recipes and other wellness-related information; and cheer on their colleagues!

Join in on the fun, have the chance to feel better and win a prize!   Sign up today!  For more information click on the program documents in the right sidebar.


To register for ongoing online wellness programs, visit

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"I really enjoyed this challenge! The switching of mouse hands was the most difficult. Thinking about new ways to energize was fun. Thank you for coordinating and the opportunities to remind us to be healthier."

Kim Cummings
Windemere Ranch Middle, SRVUSD
(Fall 2016 Energize Your Workday Wellness Challenge Participant)

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