Contra Costa County Schools Insurance Group
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About CCCSIG Workers' Compensation Health & Safety Strength Testing (PEP) Health Benefits Program


CCCSIG has a variety of methods for communicating health and safety services, information, success stories and incident trends to its member districts, such as:

  • H&S Publications
    • Crossroads newsletter
      • Monthly (except June/July)
      • Features school district health and safety events and success stories, along with quick health and safety tips
      • Click here to view current and past newsletters
  • Trends and Progress Reports
    • Incident trend and progress reports are shared with designated district contacts by request at countywide and district health and safety committee meetings and included in each quarterly Health and Safety Services email update sent to administrators to keep members apprised of the trends and progress occurring in their districts.

If you would like to receive Crossroads Monthly Newsletter and/or request a Trend/Progress Report (Supervisors only), please contact us at 1-866-922-2744 ext. 270 or click here to send an email.