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November is Diabetes Month
Diabetes is a rapidly growing health problem. Currently, more than 21 million people in the United States have diabetes. Without care, diabetes can lead to complications that include kidney failure, eye problems, nerve damage, heart disease and high blood pressure, stroke and more. The good news - although diabetes is a lifelong condition, by taking action you can live a healthy life. Action plus knowledge is a vital part of an equation that helps expose important numbers related to diabetes. Let's Redefine the Sweet Life!  

Quick Tips
Are You at Risk
- Because some of its symptoms may seem harmless, diabetes often goes undiagnosed.
Key Steps in Diabetes Cure - Living with diabetes means you need to take extra care to stay healthy.
Control Your Blood Sugar - Controlling your blood sugar level is one of the most important steps in managing your diabetes and feeling your best.
Tests and Screenings - If you have diabetes, you face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke and other complications such as eye, kidney and nerve disease.

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Food for Thought
Without a doubt, autumn is the season for all things pumpkin. Pumpkin muffins, spice lattes, cookies, pies, spice ice cream, donuts, spice soups, and the list goes on, but not all these fall-favorite treats are waist friendly. A healthier choice is this month's thrivey recipe, Pumpkin Hummus, which pairs the beloved fall squash with chickpeas to make a creative protein and fiber-rich healthy snack. While chickpeas are arguably best known for being the star ingredient in hummus, they also offer a lot to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. These small, but mighty chickpeas are packed with protein and fiber- two nutrients that can help you shed pounds. So, if you're in the mood for a healthy snack, try this dip with a seasonal twist.  

MORE healthy living tips:

To access wellness and benefit information through Kaiser Permanente, please visit their website.

To access wellness and benefit information through Sutter Health Plus, please visit their website.

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Vision Statement

The CCCSIG Health Benefits Committee vision is for health plan arrangements that provide locally-based solutions, improved quality and access for members, flexibility for school districts and superior cost management capabilities.



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