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September is Flu Prevention Month  

We're still in the dog days of summer, but unless you want to be sick as a dog this autumn, you'll start thinking about the flu season.


When you wake up sneezing, coughing, and having that achy, feverish, can't move muscle feeling, how do you know whether you have cold symptoms or the flu (a.k.a. influenza)?  It's important to know the difference.  Colds and flu are both caused by viruses and although they share many of the same symptoms, there are some key differences.


A cold is a milder respiratory illness than the flu.  While cold symptoms can make you feel bad for up to a week or ten days, flu symptoms tend to come on suddenly and can make you feel quite ill for a few days to weeks.  The flu is more than a “bad cold.”  Every year, millions of people get the flu.  Hundreds of thousands of people get so sick, they wind up in the hospital.  The flu can also result in serious problems such as pneumonia, bacterial infections, and hospitalization.


The best defense is a good offense.  So, protect yourself and everyone around you with a flu shot each year and take other simple steps to stay healthy.  Vaccination is especially important for people 50-years and older, children 6-months through 4-years old, women who are or will be pregnant during the flu season, people with chronic medical conditions or weakened immune systems, people who live in nursing homes and other long-term care centers, health care workers, and people who live with or care for anyone at high risk for flu-related complications.




September Tips :


Food For Thought

This month's recipe is Summer Garden Pasta , a favorite go-to summer recipe for many reasons.  It celebrates the best produce of the season in one dish.  It can be a great way to use up all those extra zucchinis you don't know what to do with, and any other home garden bounty!  It has a great combination of sweet, crunchy, and savory all in one.  It is also very colorful and light, and a great way to celebrate summer!

To make this a quick weeknight dinner, prep on the weekend or night before by making the “sauce” and chopping the veggies and then refrigerating.  Then, all you have to do is cook the veggies and pasta, and toss it all together – easily making dinner in 15 minutes.  Now, that's what I call dinner! 


MORE healthy living tips:

To access wellness and benefit information through Kaiser Permanente, please visit their website.

To access wellness and benefit information through Sutter Health Plus, please visit their website.

To access wellness and benefit information through Western Health Advantage, please visit their website.

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Vision Statement

The CCCSIG Health Benefits Committee vision is for health plan arrangements that provide locally-based solutions, improved quality and access for members, flexibility for school districts and superior cost management capabilities.



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