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April is Stress Management Month
Do you know anyone who isn't stressed out at times?  The pace of modern life these days makes stress management a necessary skill for everyone.  Many people juggle multiple responsibilities, work, home life, care-giving and relationships.  And balancing them isn't easy or always possible.

Breathe in and breathe out.  How you handle stress influences your health.  When you're stressed or anxious, your body reacts as if it is under attack.  Your body releases hormones that speed up your heart rate and breathing, increase blood pressure, and make your muscles tense.  This physical reaction is called the fight-or-flight stress response.  This stress reaction is good if you need to avoid an accident or other danger.   But if you constantly feel stressed, your body's natural fight-or-flight response lasts too long and your blood pressure may stay high. This is bad for your heart.  Stress can also affect your emotions.  It can make you feel moody, tense, upset, or depressed. When you can relax your mind and body, your body stops producing the hormones that create stress.  The feelings of stress ease, and you return to a state of calm, both physically and mentally.  

Let's Smile More and Stress Less
Reducing Stress by Being Assertive
Managing Your Time
Breathing Exercises for Relaxation
This Earth Day, Go Green for Exercise

Food for Thought    
This month's thrivey recipe can be served as an appetizer or side salad and is a wonderful make-up of mostly Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors.  The kale provides an excellent source of vitamin K, E, C, and A, calcium, protein, folate, and more, while the couscous (a whole grain food native to northern Africa) provides you with an excellent source of lean, vegetarian protein.  Marrying these two healthy ingredients along with others such as fresh herbs and pomegranate molasses lends the brightness that makes this salad sing.  Enjoy and “Happy Spring!” 

Kale Salad with Couscous, Blood Orange and Herbs

MORE healthy living tips:

To access wellness and benefit information through Kaiser Permanente, please visit their website.

To access wellness and benefit information through Sutter Health Plus, please visit their website.

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Vision Statement

The CCCSIG Health Benefits Committee vision is for health plan arrangements that provide locally-based solutions, improved quality and access for members, flexibility for school districts and superior cost management capabilities.



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